Northern Recorders

Northern Recorders is a multimedia company started in 2010 by Canadian artist, Robert Bernard Armieri. It has since served as an outlet for Armieri's various projects, which span a wide-range of multimedia, including music production, web development, and mobile game development.

Armieri is a self-taught musician, short filmmaker, and full-stack developer, who approaches each project with a DIY ethic. As a teenager, Armieri began learning about filmmaking, photography, and music production. He made several amateur short films, four of which were finalists in CTV's Best in Shorts film competitions: winning the student category in 2007, the grand prize in 2008, and runner-up in 2009. The films were subsequently picked up for world-wide distribution by Ouat Media. Armieri wrote, directed, edited, and recorded the music for each film, with his brother, Albert, in a starring role.

In 2013, Armieri and his brother co-founded the true crime real estate website, Housecreep. The website is the largest database of stigmatized homes on the web, and went viral shortly after launch, grabbing the attention of numerous media outlets around the globe. Armieri serves as the sole developer of the website, for which he also researches and curates content, along with his brother.

Recently, Armieri has been working on his music project, Orlon Gunner for which he writes, performs, and records all of his material in a one-man-band fashion, as well as creating his own cover art and visual work to go along with it.